Earth Day Celebration: The Rootz Releaf Program

April 22, 1970, better known as Earth Day 1970, symbolized a major shift in the way the world thought about the environment.  In 1962, author Rachel Carson published Silent Spring, which raised awareness on environmental and public health issues. Prior to 1970, little attention was placed on the environment, but Carson’s work served as a major catalyst for the modern environmental movement.

Earth Day founder and U.S. Senator of Wisconsin, Gaylord Nelson, utilized this new-found environmental consciousness to his advantage and coupled it with energy stemming from the anti-war movement.  This union allowed Nelson to form a cohesive environmental protection plan and put it on the national political agenda.  Senator Nelson’s efforts were successful, as evidenced by massive support from millions of Americans across the country on April 22, 1970.

Americans from all walks of life including Republicans and Democrats alike, joined in rallies, talks and marches to demonstrate support for a sustainable environment and propose healthier ways to protect the Earth from further deterioration.  The common values that brought diverse groups together included fighting oil spills, toxic dumps, pesticides, extinction of wildlife, among others.  Though Earth Day 1970 was a national success,  it was Earth Day 1990 that placed environmental issues on the global agenda.  The 1990’s and the millennium brought about world summits, recycling efforts, and global warming education.

Present day efforts to address the environment can be seen in many ways all over the globe. One such band that has demonstrated a commitment to environmental projects is Rootz Underground.  Hailing from Jamaica, Rootz Underground established the Rootz Releaf Program, which promotes environmental awareness, living a green lifestyle and respecting Mother Nature. The conscious group is actively planting trees in Jamaica, which corresponds to their current tour called The Rootz Releaf Tour.

The tour and overall project encourages citizens of the world to plant trees and take pictures of themselves planting their trees, all in an effort to replenish the depleting forests around the world.  Check out Rootz Releaf Program and find out how you can help replenish Mother Nature one tree at a time! – Gabriela Barbosa

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